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Terms and Conditions

Tunipages commits to providing a quality service to all its clients in accordance with industry standards and state-of-the-art practices.
Tunipages undertakes to respond to any complaint or request for information from its clients within a timeframe not exceeding 24 hours.
The client of Tunipages agrees to provide accurate necessary information for the completion of their order and to ensure the correct use of the provided services. Furthermore, they commit to updating this information as needed.
The client of Tunipages undertakes not to disclose access codes to Tunipages' databases to third parties.
Tunipages reserves the right, in case of fraud, hacking attempts, or usage not in compliance with laws or site security, to terminate the client's subscription.
The entirety of this portal is subject to Tunisian and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.
All reproduction rights are reserved.